About Them

Falcon Luxury and Exotic Car Rental provides an exclusive number of exceptional, ultra-luxury vehicles towards the discerning client with premium tastes, all in the heart of Beverly Hills. Clients may also choose from self-drive or chauffeur driven services with Private Bodyguard and Security personnel available too.

Founded: 2015

Cities: Los Angeles

Number of cars in their fleet: 16

Price range (24 hr rental): $295 to $3,990

Perks: Chauffeur service, security personnel available, discounts for new and returning clients

Website: https://www.falconcarrental.com/


499 N Canon Dr #308
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Our Take

Falcon is one of the new guys on the block in LA. They have a wide selection of vehicles, but run on the more expensive side. There are better options in Los Angeles that offer the same line of vehicles for less money.


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