Luxury Driving Around Dallas


Your dream cars can become a reality as soon as today. Get behind the wheel of vehicles considered the current pinnacle of automotive performance and luxury. Whether you’re seeking new experiences, expanding your driving horizons or coordinating a romantic evening for the ages, this is your chance.


Popular Models


Get what you need to decide on your next exotic car rental – price ranges in your area, model specs, and reputable local companies to rent from. Ask our experts if you have any questions.

Bentley Continental: Dallas, TX

The Bentley Continental comes in both a coupe (GT) and convertible (GTC) style, and is one of Bentley’s most recognizable…

Bentley Mulsanne: Dallas, TX

If you’re looking to live in the lap of luxury for a little while, the Bentley Mulsanne is a phenomenal…

Ferrari 458 Italia: Dallas, TX

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most popular and recognizable models from this famous Italian car manufactuer. No…

Ferrari 458 Spider: Dallas, TX

The Ferrari 458 Spider is a beatiful 2 door convertible with the incredible performance to match its style. Ask your…

Lamborghini Aventador: Dallas, TX

The base model for the Lamborghini Aventador starts at an incredible 691 horsepower – this car ain’t messing around. If…

Lamborghini Huracan: Dallas, TX

Ah, the Huracan. This vehicle is sure to turn heads as your cruising around downtown Dallas. With the classic futuristic…

Maserati GranTurismo: Dallas, TX

The Maserati GranTurismo is a super sleek luxury performance vehicle that is sure to meet your standards. The 2 door…

Porsche 911: Dallas, TX

You can almost never go wrong with a Porsche 911. This classic luxury sports car is perfect for a weekend…

Rolls Royce Dawn: Dallas, TX

The Rolls Royce Dawn has quite an alluring presence, one of the fanciest 4 seater convertibles on the market today….

Rolls Royce Ghost: Dallas, TX

The Ghost is slightly smaller than Rolls Royce’s other popular models, but that’s like comparing a 747 to a 737…

Rolls Royce Phantom: Dallas, TX

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a classic luxury car, coming in two styles – the coupe and the convertible (Drophead)….

Rolls Royce Wraith: Dallas, TX

The Rolls Royce Wraith isn’t a car you drive, it’s a car you experience. This famous manufactuer has no rival…


Best Rental Companies in Dallas


Here are some of the best companies where you can rent an exotic car in the Dallas area. Most of them are local to the area – a definite plus we’ve found when it comes to customer service.

Uptown Exotics

Uptown Exotics serves the major metro areas around Texas. Limited fleet, website is a little tough to use. Call if you decide to rent from them.

Platinum Motorcars

Platinum also has a limited number of exotic cars to choose from, but they make up for it with their customer service.

Auto Exotic Rental

A large inventory of vehicles, which is one of the benefits of having locations across the country. Daylight 3-hour special packages available.

Exotic Skittles

We know. The name is super weird. Beyond that, Exotic Skittles serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a fairly limited selection. Prices are also a little expensive.


The Thrill of an Exotic Car


Imagine the wind in your hair at blistering speeds. Picture the acceleration of modern American muscle or the top end of German engineering. Be exhilarated as Italian handling complements your driving skills and helps guide you through twisting turns at high speeds. These are experiences you just can’t come by anywhere else. Master a classic Corvette, experience an Audi A5 with the top down, or push a supercar or hypercar to its limits on the track. Feeling is believing.


Reasons to Consider an Exotic or Luxury Vehicle Rental


Make your dream a reality

Book online

Book in advance or on short notice

Spend a lot less than you probably think

Whether you live in the area or will be visiting, exotic car rentals in Dallas are an amazing way to enhance or create an experience. Luxury car rentals in Dallas are available on an hourly basis or for longer periods, and you can even have a vehicle waiting for you when you get off the plane. Turn a business trip or a vacation into a truly magical time. Explore downtown Dallas at night in style, or travel the Bluebonnet Trail, which runs south from Dallas along I45 to Ennis.


The Things You’ll Need to Rent These Vehicles


An exotic car rental in Dallas generally requires that you:

Be 25 years’ old or older

Possess a valid driver’s license

Have a second form of ID

Provide a security deposit

Be insurable for the necessary amount

The specifics for luxury car rentals in Dallas will vary from one agency to the next, but the process will be similar for the most part. The driver’s license doesn’t have to be from Texas and can be from any other state or even a Canadian province. The second ID requirement can usually be met by paying with a credit card or debit card from a major financial institution. You can provide the security via credit card as well. The company will put a hold on the amount and release it when you return the vehicle. Insurance requirements can be met through a personal insurance policy or by purchasing it through the agency.


Not in the Mood to Drive? No Problem!


A lot of the fun of exotic car rentals in Dallas is getting behind the wheel, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Most rental companies offer chauffeurs and other professional drivers as well. If you’re coordinating a romantic evening or want to have some fun with the boys, then a chauffeur is a great option. How about pushing a supercar to its limits at the Dallas International Motor Speedway? You can hire a pro driver to do that or even a trainer who can teach you how to do it!


Why an Exotic Rental Is Better Than an Exotic Purchase


Did you know that many among the rich and famous actually rent their exotic and luxury vehicles rather than buy them? It’s true and a big reason why this business is booming. Let’s face it: when it comes to cars, buying isn’t usually a great investment, and super collectors like Leno simply aren’t the rule. Total cost can go considerably beyond sticker price due to taxes, insurance, storage, detailing and more. Another advantage of renting is that you get to choose on a whim. Perhaps you want to enjoy the latest Porsche this week but challenge yourself with a 1990s Lamborghini next weekend.


Experience Your Dream Car Today


Stop dreaming about it because you deserve it, and exotic and luxury car rentals in Dallas are more affordable and convenient than ever. Book for today or for next weekend. Look through our listings, which are all from well-established agencies in this area that put customer service first. If you have any questions or want to discuss vehicles, options or other aspects of your rental, feel free to ask our experts.

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