Prices for exotic car rentals can be tough to understand. Prices vary by manufacturer, model, year, geographical location, and of course the rental company that you are purchasing from. Here at, we want to help remove that confusion. We pulled pricing data for over 400 vehicles from 15 of the most popular rental companies across the US to give you a better sense of if you’re getting a good deal or not. In terms of geographical area, Miami prices came in 11% higher than the national average. Las Vegas and New York City were the biggest cities that had an average price below the rest of the country. The other cities we analyzed were closer in comparison to each other.

Overall, we found that Bugatti, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Rolls Royce commanded the highest price tag – and with good reason. These manufacturers are widely seen as the most luxurious car companies on the planet, with high performance specs and extensive luxury features. Check out where other exotic car manufacturers fell on the pricing scale below.

Average Cost of an Exotic Car Rental in the United States

Here is a breakdown by manufacturer.

Manufacturer Average Rental Price per Day
Aston Martin $736
Audi $762
Bentley $1,093
BMW $548
Bugatti $4,000
Cadillac $366
Corvette $486
Ferrari $1,292
Jaguar $475
Lamborghini $1,822
Maserati $682
McLaren $1,671
Mercedes-Benz $512
Nissan GTR $648
Other $564
Polaris $349
Porsche $551
Range Rover $461
Rolls Royce $1,627
Vanderhall $379

Here is what average costs looks like for the major metropolitan areas that we looked at.

City Average Rental Price per Day
Chicago $1,314
Dallas $892
Las Vegas $867
Los Angeles $930
Miami $1,293
New York City $941


What Other Costs Should You Look Out For?

Besides the base rental cost, there are a few other fees and taxes you should be aware of for your next rental purchase.

  • Sales tax – typically, most rental companies are not going to include sales tax in their base fee. Sales tax will vary by state.
  • Security deposit – of the companies that we analyzed, over half require a refundable security deposit – the average deposit is around $500. You’ll get this money back after you return your vehicle, as long as you returned everything in good condition and within their rental requirements.
  • Fuel charge – if you go over a certain mileage during the day, you’ll often have to pay for the extra fuel that you use. Be sure to check your rental agreement so you know what that mileage number is.
  • State charge – some states require a small fee on top of normal sales tax for exotic car rentals, typically only about $5 a day.
  • Delivery or pick-up fee – if you need your vehicle delivered or picked up, some companies will charge you to provide this service. About 30% of the companies we analyzed provide this service for free.

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