About Them

Carefree Lifestyle is really a full-service luxury concierge company that gives vacationers a unique, unparalleled travel experience. Carefree Lifestyle was produced for clients thinking about enjoying top class vacation luxuries at a reasonable cost.

Founded: 2000

Cities: Miami, Los Angeles, New York City

Number of cars in their fleet: 36

Price range (24 hr rental): varies depending on quote

Perks: Other rental services available for yachts, jets, and villas

Website: http://carefreelifestyle.com/


1031 5th Street
Miami Beach, FL

8929 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

30-15 Thomson Ave
Queens, NY

555 West 53th St.
New York, NY

Our Take

Carefree Lifestyle is a full-service luxury rental company, with options in everything from exotic car rentals to luxury villas. Customer service is exceptional. Rental prices have some uncertainty behind them, as they change depending on information you submit in your quote form.


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