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Exotic and luxury car rental in Atlanta is an amazing way to drive the cars you dream about and to create memories that will last you a lifetime. Push a car to its automotive limits, take a scenic trip in a style or coordinate a romantic outing that he or she will never forget. Imagine cruising in a BMW 435I with the top down or pushing the all-new Aston Martin Vanquish around an actual racetrack.


Popular Models


Get models, average prices, rental company recommendations, and a whole lot more. Check out some of the most popular models to rent below.

Bentley Continental: Atlanta, GA

The Bentley Continental is a wonderful luxury vehicle option – it takes care of you on the road with smooth…

Ferrari 458 Italia: Atlanta, GA

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the coupe version of its 458 counterpart, the Spider. Some have toted that the Ferrari…

Ferrari 458 Spider: Atlanta, GA

The Ferrari 458 Spider is a 2 door convertible with a serious pedigree, just check out some of the specs…

Lamborghini Aventador: Atlanta, GA

The Lamborghini Aventador launched in February of 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. It’s one of the most popular exotic…

Lamborghini Gallardo: Atlanta, GA

The Lamborghini Gallardo was produced from 2003 to 2013 and one of Lamborghini’s best selling models. Known for its sleek…

Lamborghini Huracan: Atlanta, GA

You can check out some of the specs on the Lamborghini Huracan below – the stats speak for themselves. The…

Maserati GranTurismo: Atlanta, GA

The Maserati GranTurismo is a truly unique lxuury sportscar, with some definite pop off the accelerator. If you’re looking for…

Porsche 911: Atlanta, GA

The Porsche 911 has consistently been one of the top luxury sports cars on the market every year, with a…

Rolls Royce Ghost: Atlanta, GA

The Rolls Royce Ghost is a “masterpiece of simplicity”, a little smaller but equally as luxurious as other Rolls Royce…

Rolls Royce Phantom: Atlanta, GA

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a perfect option if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury vehicle to ride in for…


Best Rental Companies in Atlanta


Check out where to rent an exotic car in Atlanta below – we compiled a list of the best rental companies. We’ve done the research and these guys really stand out from the crowd.

Empire Exotic Car Rental

Local Atlanta company that values transparency with their rental policies. They also have plenty of benefits like emergency roadside assistance and security services.

Prestige Luxury Rentals

Prestige doesn’t mess around – they are upfront with you on what you need to do to rent, but they also have some teeth to their rental policies.

Atlanta Xotic Rentals

Another local ATL rental company. Good customer service at their location, but pricing and a few other details are largely hidden on their site.


Why Renting an Exotic or Luxury Car Is a Great Idea


Booking your exotic car rental in Atlanta or the neighboring communities is more affordable and convenient than ever. You can lease on short notice or book your perfect vehicle a weekend or even months in advance. You can even do it online without ever leaving home. If you’re visiting Atlanta on businesses or for pleasure, you can have your rental ready to go before you ever arrive. Imagine stepping off a plane and into one of the greatest classic cars ever made.


An Experience Like No Other


Another great reason to book an exotic car rental in Atlanta is that the feel of an exotic car is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. Feel it for yourself at least once, and we’re sure that once you do, you’ll want to experience it again and again. Imagine zero-to-60 acceleration in mere seconds. Picture yourself behind the wheel as the engine screams at speeds well above a 100 mph. Enjoy the sensation and control as you brake hard into a challenging corner and the car responds with the agility that only these exotics possess.


Renting Is Even Better Than Buying


Cars in general aren’t great investments, and this problem is exacerbated with a vehicle that costs many thousands of dollars. You have to consider maintenance, storage, depreciation, and a slew of other factors that hit your wallet. Many people who own vehicles like these store them and clean them a lot more than actually drive them. This is another reason why luxury car rental in Atlanta is such a booming business. Even many rich people have started to rent rather than commit long-term. Not only is it about the money but the options as well. You can have an Escalade ESV today and a Tesla S next week.


What’s Needed to Rent an Exotic Vehicle


The requirements for an exotic car rental in Atlanta are surprisingly simple. You’ll need to be at least 25 and possess a valid driver’s license, but it doesn’t have to be a Georgia license. There may be a driving record and criminal background check as well. You’ll also need one or two additional forms of ID. The major credit card you use to rent the car will serve as one. Your credit card will need to cover the rental fee, the security deposit and perhaps any insurance cost. However, your personal auto insurance policy may cover exotic rentals, in which case you wouldn’t need to pay more.


Want a Driver Too?


Renting for driving yourself isn’t the only option. You can also hire a driver, and most rental companies facilitate this service. In many cases, it’s a lot like renting a limo, but in this case, you get to drive around in a chauffeured Rolls Royce or some other exquisite vehicle. You can also hire drivers and instructors for professional environments, such as the Atlanta Motor Speedway.


Tips for Choosing a Rental Company


Don’t book your luxury car rental in Atlanta with just anyone.  Here a a few tips when you’re exploring all your different options for rental companies around the city. Look for a rental company that:

Has been established a while in the area

Has a great reputation for client service

Offers competitive rates

Provides frequent “flyer” opportunities


Drive an Ultimate Vehicle Today


You deserve an adventure, so take some time to look through our reviews and car listings. If you have any questions or want more details about options or a particular car, don’t hesitate to ask our experts. We’ll be here when you need us to help ensure that you have a driving experience that you’ll remember for many years to come.

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