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    What are the requirements for renting a luxury car?

    Every rental service is different, but typically each one has a few core requirements:

    • You must be at least 25 years old
    • Have a valid driver’s license
    • Must put down a security deposit
    • Have auto insurance (sometimes included in the rental fee)

    How do I find a good exotic car rental company?

    There are a lot of factors to watch out for when choosing the right luxury car rental company. Here’s a few things to look out for to make sure you separate the good from the bad.

    • Transparency – make sure the company is very detailed with what you’re getting. Some companies will hit you with a bunch of hidden fees after you sign on the dotted line.
    • Complimentary services – look for the companies that treat their customers exceptionally well. Complimentary services can range anywhere from free delivery/pick-up to free system add-ons like a navigation system.
    • Proper licensing and insurance – all rental companies must be license and insured. Don’t be fooled by the fake guys out there.
    • As advertised – a lot of rental companies will feature cars on their site that actually aren’t in their fleet to choose from, just to get you in the door. Give them a call beforehand to double check. Also make sure that the rental companies own the cars they advertise – some will rent or borrow from others, then rent to you – which doesn’t bode well for regular maintenance or quality.

    What kind of exotic car should I rent?

    That is totally up to you! Here are a couple things you should factor into your decision making process.

    • Budget – rarer cars will be more expensive, some up to a few thousand dollars per day. Make sure to find a vehicle in your price range.
    • Event – date night? Business trip? Wedding? Just a night out on the town? Make sure to rent the exotic car that’s right for the occasion.

    What are the fees involved in renting an exotic car?

    Outside of your daily or weekly rental fee, there are a few other costs you should be aware of.

    • Security deposit – don’t worry, this is refundable. Most companies will require you to put down a few thousand dollars that you can get back once you return the vehicle safe and sound.
    • Delivery/pick-up fee – some companies offer this service complimentary, but others will charge you to pick-up or for them to deliver the car.
    • Toll/fuel charge – look out for these fees from some rental companies. They will charge for fuel over a certain amount, and if you pass through toll roads, bill you for those charges as well.
    • Sales tax – calculated as a percentage of the total rental fee, this charge will differ depending on what state you are renting your vehicle in.
    • State charge – some states charge a small amount per day for renting exotic cars. It’s typically somewhere in the ballpark of $5 per day.

    What type of gas do I put in an exotic car?

    Your rental company should tell you what type of fuel your vehicle needs. For most, it’s going to be premium gasoline.

    How long can I keep a rented exotic car?

    It all depends on the agreed upon time allowance between you and your rental company. The meter starts as soon as you leave the parking lot. If you’re late returning your vehicle after the agreed time, expect some late fees.

    What happens if I get in an accident with a rented exotic car?

    The amount of liability you’re on the hook for depends on the state the accident took place in. You can purchase a Collision Damage Waiver from your rental company to release yourself from this kind of liability. The cost for this waiver depends on the car model. This waiver will not protect you if the car is stolen. Also, check with you personal insurance provider – some offer coverage for rental cars.

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