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The renting of luxury cars is big business, and it’s only getting bigger. A lot of people who love cars and have a passion for driving think of exotics as something unattainable, but they aren’t. What you may not know is that luxury car rentals are actually quite affordable for the average person, and therein lies the beauty of this business model. You can take advantage of an exotic car rental for a few hours on Saturday, or you can rent a sports car of your dreams for a two-week adventure across the country.

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Luxury Is a State of Mind

When you’re on a business trip or a vacation, renting a car is all about function. An exotic car rental couldn’t be further on the other side of the spectrum. Here it’s about seizing an experience. The reason why people rent exotic cars is because they want to experience an adventure, a luxury that once seemed unattainable, the pinnacle of automotive performance or some combination of these highs. Luxury is a state of mind. Luxury to some means a sports car rental that lets them tackle challenging roads in a Ferrari 458 Italia, and for others it means putting the top down on a Bentley Continental and enjoying a trip around town.

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The Experience of Driving an Exotic Car

The feel is what a luxury car rental is all about. Whether you rent a luxury car for a day or an entire weekend, you get to experience an exciting lifestyle as well as amazing automotive performance. You can rent luxury cars, and then drive them around town, but that’s not your limit. In fact, many companies that specialize in exotic car rentals have resources available to match their clients up with the kind of adventures they want to experience. You can take a sports car rental on a real race track or follow a famous real-world road course. There are also events to participate in, such as the Exotics Across America rally race, which is like a real-life Cannonball Run.


Renting Exotic Is Better Than Buying Exotic

Who wouldn’t love to own a supercar like the twin-turbo McLaren MP4-12C Spider? The reality isn’t always as appealing as you imagine. Even wealthy people rent exotic cars because of the upside. Most people who own these premium vehicles keep them in a garage most of the time anyway. A luxury car rental lets you enjoy the benefits of these amazing vehicles during those times you’re actually able to drive them. During the other times, the rental agency can worry about the maintenance, storage and depreciation.

Requirements for Renting

Luxury car rental isn’t like standard car rental. It’s a privilege and an indulgence, and the vehicles available for exotic car rental often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most companies that deal in high-end sports car rentals require that you be 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Driving record may also be a factor depending on the company’s insurance policy. Some companies also perform criminal background checks. Insurance is usually included in the rental fee, but it may be necessary to provide a security deposit as high as $10,000 depending on the value of the exotic car rental.

Hiring a Driver

When you rent exotic cars, you don’t necessarily have to be the driver. Another option is to hire a professional. Some companies offer the option to rent a luxury car for a day with a chauffeur. This kind of rental can be a fun alternative to the usual limousine experience. Although not typical to sports car rentals, you can rent a sports car and professional driver to live an ultimate track experience.

Live Your Dream Today

Ever imagine yourself taking twisting turns in an Aston Martin or pushing the newest Audi A to its limits? Stop picturing the possibilities, and start embracing your dreams today. Whether you’re ticking boxes on a bucket list or planning a romantic getaway she’ll remember forever, we can help. Choose your city from our navigation menu to explore top rental companies, models, and quotes for the luxury car rentals available in your region right now.

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